July 11, 2022

The Knox Validated Program: Choose your EMM with confidence and fully utilize key Knox features

Samsung Knox Team

Knox provides IT admins with powerful device management and configuration capabilities for Samsung Galaxy devices. And let’s be honest, you can’t get this combination anywhere else. You can access the in-depth and granular Knox features with Knox Manage (our own EMM), or – as you may already know – via the EMM of your choice. And this kind of flexibility is part of what makes this such a dynamic offering.

How do we achieve this? By working together. With Samsung and EMM partners joining forces to make the most of integrated Knox features in ways that make sense for specific business use cases. And we wanted to ensure this flexibility and keep enabling the best from your business and absolute confidence in your IT infrastructure too.


Channel your IT challenges into viable solutions with Knox

That’s why we’ve created the Knox Validated program, giving you optimal performance and access to business-critical features across the board. At Samsung, we want you to enjoy the benefits of consistency and assurance, along with the newest Knox features – no matter your EMM.

Now you can choose a Knox Validated EMM with confidence, knowing that the most essential Knox features are already supported, consistently. But how do you find it? Simply look out for the Knox Validated badge.

The Knox Validated badge


Tangible benefits that help you find the right solution for your business

With Knox Validated EMMs, you can enjoy more consistent ways to manage everything from devices to work profiles and applications. Our platform-level Knox management features help you get there.

If you see the Knox Validated badge on an EMM, it means that it’s thoroughly tested and verified by Samsung, based on prioritized, up-to-date requirements. You can expect that the EMMs will meet your business demands, including:

1.      Full support for key management features
We have a standardized and comprehensive set of features shortlisted as the most important for business users. The list covers core functions across various Knox products - for security management, configuration, easy-yet-advanced enrollment, firmware update controls, and more. With the Knox Validated program, you can be assured you’re getting the functionality you need.


2.      Optimized usability and easy support
The Knox Validated program also provides UX and product documentation requirements and guidelines for EMMs, laying out the know-how on how Knox is best explained and accessed. This means you can get started with Knox features on your EMM with ease. And if you’re ever stuck using the EMM, you can simply refer to the EMM’s own guide documents – which include the details and instructions for Knox with Samsung’s specific guidelines.


3.      The newest Knox features at your fingertips.
Knox Validated EMMs have a direct support channel from Samsung experts. As a result, when the latest Knox feature update rolls out, your EMM has already been pre-notified, and has been fully integrated and tested with Samsung for seamless use. Also, if any issues or new feature requests come up, you know that both Samsung and your EMM have your back - together.


The proof is in our partners

We partner with many of the world’s most popular EMMs - and your local EMMs too - to enable Knox features for business. This includes our key partners such as BlackBerry, SOTI, Ivanti, and IBM.

“The operational success of our customers is of the utmost priority and through this partnership, we have been able to develop a world-class Knox integrated EMM solution that is optimal with Samsung device deployments.”- Mustafa Ebadi, Chief Operating Officer at SOTI


Find the right EMM to get the most out of Knox

You can find the full list of EMM partners that support Knox products on our Partner Solutions page here. Those with the checkmark under the Knox badge are Knox Validated EMMs. Then, rest assured we’re working together to get more of them onboarded on the Knox Validated program, and to provide businesses with the best mobile working experience.

Speak to us if you’re an IT admin looking for a good EMM with advanced Knox management features for your organization’s assets.


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