November 15, 2020

Powering the financial industry: Samsung's solutions for the changing landscape

Samsung Knox Team

city skyline - work from anywhere, secure everything

On November 10th, the Samsung Business Team gathered to discuss the changing trends in the financial sector and highlight Samsung's role in this shifting paradigm. New market forces are driving rapid modernization and transformation in the banking sector. Customers' needs are also shifting fast, which means banks need to work smart to keep up. Samsung has the capability to better help our partners in the financial sector provide great service. Samsung's mobile banking solutions powered by Samsung DeX & Knox can deliver better security, mobility, and usability, and our job is to help our partners make their transition into this new era of banking as seamless as possible.

In this session, we also held a fireside chat with distinguished financial industry leaders. They had an extensive discussion about the transforming role of banking in this accelerated digital era, and shared their hopes and concerns for the industry going forward. We hope this session has answered some of your questions and we look forward to being in touch with you. 

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