The unification of Android Enterprise and Samsung Knox: Your questions answered here

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March 4, 2018

As of Android Oreo, Samsung Knox and Android Enterprise combined into a single solution. This exciting new partnership allows IT admins to seamlessly update from Android Enterprise management features to the more robust Samsung Knox solutions. Here are some common questions that the Samsung Support team has received about Unification:


Q: What is Knox and Android Enterprise Unification?

A: Knox and Android Enterprise Unification allows IT admins to manage Android Enterprise with Knox policies by activating a Samsung Knox license. Enterprises can now take advantage of both Android Enterprise and Samsung Knox features instead of choosing between the two solutions.


Q: Why are Google and Samsung offering a unified container?

A: The two separate solutions, Knox Workspace and Android Enterprise, presented challenges for Enterprises:

·         Enterprises had to evaluate two similar solutions on Android.

·         Enterprises were finding it difficult to differentiate between the features of the two solutions.

·         Enterprises had to delete and replace in order to switch from one solution to the other solution.

To resolve these major customer pain points Samsung and Google worked together to combine Android Enterprise and Samsung Knox Workspace into one unified solution.


Q: Is this solution unique to Samsung?

A: Samsung Knox devices include hardware-backed security features. These features may not be available on non-Samsung devices.  Any customer running an Android MDM can switch to a unified solution on Samsung hardware without making changes and deploy today.


Q: Will licensing and pricing options for Knox Workspace change after unification?

A: As of now, nothing is changing for the Knox Workspace. Pricing and licensing will continue to be as-is until further notice.


Q: What are some benefits of using Android Enterprise on a Samsung device?

A: Samsung devices provide additional security features:

§  Knox Trusted Boot provides additional protections to the device beyond Android Secure Boot

§  Knox Real Time Kernel Protection monitors the device kernel during runtime and prevents tampering of the kernel

§  Knox TIMA mechanisms confirm that the device is in a trusted state

§  A compromised device will not allow Knox Work Profile or Knox Workspace to run

§  Enhanced encryption

§  Hardware-based KeyStore


Q: What happens to current customers using Android Enterprise?

A: Any existing implementation of Android Enterprise will continue to operate as before.



Q: Will Knox Premium support the unified solution?

A: Yes, you can use Knox SDS IAM & EMM to create Android Enterprise and then activate Knox license to take advantage of Knox features along with Android features in one unified solution.



Q: How can I upgrade from Android Work Profile to Knox Workspace?

A: IT admins can activate a Knox license to upgrade an Android Work Profile to Knox Workspace. After activating a license, IT admins will be able to deploy both Android and Knox policies.



Q: Which devices support Unification?

A: As long as the Galaxy phone is on Android O, the device supports unification. Also, once a device with Knox 2.6 or above updates to 3.0, the unified container will be available on that device.



Q: How can IT admins benefit from unification?

A: Unification allows IT admins to manage a single solution with features from both Android and Knox while taking advantage of Samsung Knox security features.



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