Meet evolving enterprise security needs

KNOX Workspace is a manageable, on-device mobile security solution. Separate enterprise and personal data with enhanced technology secure enough to run on government grade networks. The evolved KNOX Workspace introduces a simpler setup, two containers per device, more apps, and enhanced security.

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KNOX Security Certifications and Validations

Samsung KNOX Workspace is designed for:

Individuals responsible for mobile security within enterprise or government that:

Manage Samsung devices
Have mobile device management (MDM)
Are looking for a secure mobility solution

** Based on MSRP

Multi-layered Android Security

KNOX Workspace is secured from the boot up. Only the KNOX-hardened Android platform protects your infrastructure with multi-level, hardware-to-application security via Trusted Boot and ARM TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA) to keep your business intelligence and network safe from hacking, viruses, and unauthorized access.

Key features

Two Devices in One

The Samsung Galaxy® devices you love come ready for work right out of the box, thanks to KNOX Workspace. Switch between the KNOX password-protected Workspace and personal apps with a tap of a button. IT can be confident that company data is secure and manageable, while employees will love the freedom to customize their device with personal apps and data, worry-free.

Two Factor Authentication

KNOX Workspace gives you the options to tailor your mobile security to your enterprise needs. IT Admins can choose to use fingerprint scanners, swipe patterns, security PINs, or passwords for employees access the KNOX container. More ways to authenticate employee identity means that data in KNOX Workspace is protected from unwanted eyes.

Powerful Apps

Only secure, tested apps make it onto the KNOX Workspace. A full collection of ready to use apps are pre-loaded including Contacts, Calendar, Phone, Browser, Camera and Email. Boost productivity with full access to download the latest mobile tools and apps through Samsung KNOX Apps. Samsung KNOX Workspace gives you more access to great apps in the KNOX container. You can download apps from Samsung Apps or Google Play and benefit from  enhanced security in the KNOX container. IT Admins can easily push custom-built apps to the KNOX container without  adding additional codes or certificates.

MDM integration

KNOX Workspace is conveniently integrated with your existing MDM, VPN, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, enabling you to tailor a security solution that best fits the needs of your enterprise. Or you can choose Samsung SDS EMM to manage Samsung devices, free of charge and completely cloud-based, so it doesn’t require the capital costs of on-premise hardware and software. Experience complete management capabilities without adding complexity – over 500 supported IT policies are already available with KNOX Workspace and over 1,000 MDM APIs with more being added every day.

Supported Devices/Models

KNOX Workspace supports Samsung Android devices

View our supported Samsung devices and models to see which can deploy KNOX Workspace.

Supported MDMs

Samsung KNOX Workspace provides advance security and usability features. Our MDM partners support many KNOX features and offer comprehensive policy levels.:

See supported MDM list


KNOX Workspace licenses can be purchased from a KNOX reseller.



per seat/month per seat/year

Get Started

You can use KNOX Workspace with your existing MDM solution or with KNOX Premium. If you have an MDM solution, you can get started with the steps below:
  • 1
    Get a Samsung KNOX web account.
  • 2
    Configure your management console.
  • 3
    Install your KNOX Workspace license key with your MDM and start managing devices.



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