Samsung KNOX Workspace comes complete with Samsung KNOX Apps, where you’ll find business suitable apps. Your employees get the productivity, collaboration and communication apps they love, with assurance that only verified KNOX apps can access your enterprise data.

Ready for work now

Samsung KNOX Workspace comes preloaded with Email, Calendar, Contact, Notes, Tasks, Browser, MS Office Viewers, and Camera. These apps have been designed by Samsung specifically for use on mobile devices. They take advantage of the tools inherent to mobile such as cameras and accelerometers and use them to make better business apps.

Ready to take you further

  • Download apps easily and conveniently from the Samsung KNOX Apps store
  • Push apps over the air to mobile devices on your network
  • Create custom apps for download from your private enterprise app store

App Developers & ISV

Join our growing community and share your Apps to Samsung KNOX Workspace customers worldwide.

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App Wrapping

Enterprise IT and MDM partners can secure apps for the Samsung KNOX container using the app wrapping service.

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