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VMware Workspace ONE

Key features

  • Unified Endpoint Management: A single console to manage any mobile device, desktop or laptop, ruggedized device, wearable and IoT across major operating systems.
  • End-to-End Security: Protect corporate apps and data on any network with a layered security approach that encompasses user, endpoint, app, data, and network.
  • Workspace ONE Intelligence: Deep insights and app analytics driving powerful automation to enhance user experience and strengthen zero trust security and compliance across the entire environment.
  • Consistent Experience across every use case – full device, app-level for BYOD, or line of business.


VMware Workspace ONE unifies endpoint management for IT organizations to manage and secure any endpoint across all operating systems in a single platform. Workspace ONE enables IT to take a modern management approach that uniquely supports full PC lifecycle management (PCLM) of desktops – Windows 10, macOS and Chrome OS devices – right alongside mobile devices. Workspace ONE supports all use cases within a single solution, including full device management, app-level management for BYOD or line of business use cases such as kiosk or shared devices.

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