For Resellers

This section is for IT solution and service resellers interested in selling Samsung Knox solutions and business services to enterprise customers, and Samsung device resellers interested in supporting the out-of-the-box device provisioning of Samsung Knox deployment solutions for their customers.

For Samsung device resellers

For Samsung device resellers

Register devices for Knox deployment solutions

Apply now for the Knox Deployment Program (KDP), which enables trusted Samsung device resellers to register devices for their enterprise customers who are using deployment solutions such as Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Configure.

Participating resellers registered for KDP may:

  • Access either the:
  • Upload device info (IMEI/ MEID/ serial number) for enterprise customers so they can seamlessly use Knox deployment solutions on their devices
  • Get technical support from the Samsung Knox team

Approved resellers will automatically gain access to the KDP web console but need to request access to the APIs. Refer to the KDP Integration Guide for details.

Please note that participation and features may vary based on region and reseller. See supported locations.

Resell Knox licensescd app

For IT solution and service resellers

Resell Knox solutions and Samsung business services

Samsung Knox solutions such as Knox Configure, Knox Manage, Knox Platform for Enterprise, and Knox E-FOTA are fully enabled for commercial use by activating licenses purchased from a Knox license reseller. Enterprise Technical Support and other Samsung business services can also be purchased via our business service resellers.

Authorized Samsung Knox license and business service resellers may:

  • Sell Knox licenses and business services to enterprise customers
  • Publish their company profile on the Buy from a reseller page
  • Get technical support from the Samsung Knox team or Samsung expert team
  • Develop new business opportunities with Samsung

Samsung is always looking to add valuable reseller partners. Contact us now so we can bring you onboard.

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