Samsung Knox success stories - The Fullerton Hotel

Samsung Knox News
June 11, 2018

Samsung partnered with Tapendium to offer a digital concierge solution that offers real-time digital guest communications – such as instant messaging, making reservations, and access to local dining and sightseeing tips. This creates an unique experience specific to individual needs while doing away the hassle of browsing printed collaterals or making phone calls for their requests.

As a result, guest satisfaction is greatly enhanced as employees are empowered to go beyond and create personal touch instead of assisting behind the telephone. Lower carbon footprint and wastage are also achieved as printed collaterals are no longer needed.

With Samsung Knox, Samsung Galaxy tablets are transformed into kiosk-mode, purpose-built tablets to allow users to easily access all the services of the Tapendium platform. At the same time, Samsung Knox prevents misuse and content vandalism, as users are restricted from accessing the device settings, quick panel and status bar.


The Fullerton Hotel is a 5-star iconic heritage luxury hotel in Singapore. The hotel today is a perfect blend of the old, wired with the new, and surrounds its guests with a refreshing ambience of peace and tranquillity. As one of the leading hotels, it constantly innovates to provide hotel guests a world-class accommodation experience.

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