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June 25, 2018

Ground handling firm SATS Limited has given its workers at Singapore Changi Airport smart watches paired with hands-free headsets, to help them operate better and faster. SATS is believed to be the first aviation ground handler in the world to adopt smart watches and bone-conductor headsets integrated with safety helmets for its ground handling technical ramp staff.

“The technology enhances workplace safety and streamlines communication for staff so they can receive their work schedules and instructions in real-time. In the first two weeks of deployment, productivity increased by 10 percent” – as quoted by CIO as 2017 Winner of CIO award.

As described by Alex Hungate, SATS President and Chief Executive Officer, "This means that somebody driving one of these large tugs - which is more powerful than a Ferrari and certainly a lot heavier - it means that they never have to take their hands off the wheel."

Samsung Knox with Samsung Gear smartwatches run in kiosk-mode and show only the apps they need, while maximizing its battery-life despite being connected all the time.


SATS is the leading provider of gateway services and food solutions in the region. Today, SATS caters to the needs of the aviation sector and a host of other businesses in hospitality, food, healthcare, freight and logistics industries besides governments. With an experience spanning over 70 years and a growing regional presence, SATS is poised for a new phase of growth, creating value for our customers, partners and shareholders, in Singapore and beyond.

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