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September 4, 2018

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is committed to developing and providing innovative banking products and services to stay ahead in this digital era. To achieve that, BRI implemented a branchless banking initiative for customer acquisition across Indonesia. BRI needs to empower its banking agents with modern devices while securing confidential client data and information in its mobile application.

BRI partnered with Samsung to integrate its mobile branchless banking app with Samsung Knox to transform the mobile devices into purpose-built appliances. Samsung’s R&D provided strong technical support to integrate BRI’s mobile application and delivered the best UI/UX to best suit BRI’s needs.

With this, BRI can effectively manage and secure its mobile application while providing access to its thousands of banking agents across the most populous nation in Southeast Asia. Also, the availability of Samsung’s service centres allows sales agents to seek technical help easily and remotely. Through this, bank agents can now achieve a larger outreach while meeting strict security regulations.


BRI is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. With its consistency and commitment towards better banking services, it has been crowned the most profitable bank 11 years in a row. Going forward, BRI will also continue working hand in hand with Indonesian SMEs to further increase their capacity and be recognised as the regional champion. Eventually, BRI banking services will keep on propelling the national economy and bring greater prosperity for the country. Today, BRI supports almost 280,000 agents to reach the un-banked.

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