Common Criteria Mode APK

Download the Common Criteria Mode APK file and refer to the latest list of certified devices for NIAP certification.

  1. Android apk which supports enabling CC mode on a device. Intended for NIAP evaluators or IT admins who want to test the CC mode. CC mode should be turned on/off only by the MDM policy.
  2. Guidance documents for CC evaluation
  3. Application List: Contains version information of each certified device
Series Model Android Version Model Number
Galaxy Alpha Alpha LTE KitKat (4.4)  G850FG850KG850LG850MG850SG850Y_HKTWG850Y_XSAG8508S
Galaxy Note Note 3 LTE KitKat (4.4)  N900AN900PN900R4N900TN900V
Note 4 LTE KitKat (4.4)  N910AN910CN910FN910GN910HN910KN910LN910PN910R4N910S,
Lollipop (5.x)  N910F
Marshmallow (6.x)  N910AN910CN910FN910KN910LN910PN910R4N910SN910TN910V
Note 5 LTE Lollipop (5.x)  N920AN920IN920KN920LN920PN920R4N920SN920TN920V
Marshmallow (6.x)  N920AN920IN920KN920LN920PN920R4N920SN920TN920V
Nougat (7.x)  N920A, N920I, N920K, N920L, N920P, N920R4, N920S, N920TN920V
Note Edge LTE KitKat (4.4)  N915AN915DN915FN915GN915G_TWN915JN915KN915LN915P,
Marshmallow (6.x)  N915AN915FN915KN915LN915PN915R4N915SN915TN915V
Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE KitKat (4.4)  P605P605MP607T
Note Pro LTE KitKat (4.4)  P905V, P907A
Galaxy S S4 LTE KitKat (4.4)  SCH-I545SGH-I337SGH-M919GT-I9505
S5 3G KitKat (4.4)  G900H
S5 LTE KitKat (4.4)  G900AG900DG900FG900I_TWG900KG900LG900MG900PG900R4,
S6 LTE Lollipop (5.x)  G920AG920FG920IG920KG920LG920PG920R4G920SG920TG920V
Marshmallow (6.x)  G920AG920FG920IG920KG920LG920PG920R4G920SG920TG920V
Nougat (7.x)  G920A, G920F, G920I, G920K, G920L, G920P, G920R4, G920S, G920TG920V
S6 Active LTE Lollipop (5.x)  G890A
Marshmallow (6.x)  G890A
Nougat (7.x)  G890A
S6 edge LTE Lollipop (5.x)  G925AG925FG925IG925KG925LG925PG925R4G925SG925TG925V
Marshmallow (6.x)  G925AG925FG925IG925KG925LG925PG925R4G925SG925TG925V
Nougat (7.x)  G925A, G925F, G925I, G925K, G925L, G925P, G925R4, G925S, G925TG925V
S6 edge+ LTE Lollipop (5.x)  G928AG928FG928IG928KG928LG928PG928R4G928SG928TG928V
Marshmallow (6.x)  G928AG928FG928IG928KG928LG928PG928R4G928SG928TG928V
Nougat (7.x)  G928A, G928F, G928I, G928K, G928L, G928P, G928R4, G928S, G928TG928V
S7 Active LTE Marshmallow (6.x)  G891A
Nougat (7.x)  G891A
S7 LTE Marshmallow (6.x)  G930AG930FG930KG930LG930PG930R4G930SG930TG930V
Nougat (7.x)  G930A, G930F, G930K, G930L, G930P, G930R4, G930S, G930TG930V
S7 edge LTE Marshmallow (6.x)  G935AG935FG935KG935LG935PG935R4G935SG935TG935V
Nougat (7.x)  G935A, G935F, G935K, G935L, G935P, G935R4, G935S, G935TG935V
S8 Active LTE Nougat (7.x)  G892A
S8 LTE Nougat (7.x)  G950F, G950N, G950UG950U1
S8+ LTE Nougat (7.x)  G955F, G955N, G955UG955U1
Galaxy Tab Tab Active KitKat (4.4)  T360_EURT360_USAT365T365F0T365MT365Y
Tab Active WiFi KitKat (4.4)  T360
Tab S KitKat (4.4)  T707DT807JT807R4
Tab S2 LTE Lollipop (5.x)  T715T815T817AT817PT817R4T817TT817V
Marshmallow (6.x)  T715T815T817AT817PT817R4T817TT817V
Tab S2 WiFi Lollipop (5.x)  T710T810
Marshmallow (6.x)  T710T810
Tab S3 LTE Nougat (7.x)  T825, T825N0, T825Y, T827A, T827R4T827V
Tab S3 WiFi Nougat (7.x)  T820


The following disclaimers were provided to and agreed by LICENSEE when LICENSEE registered for use of the Application

1. This Common Criteria Test Application must be only used to test the "CC mode enable" feature by an IT administer of a company which has a partnership with SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. When the CC mode feature is actually deployed in the real world, it will be enabled/disabled by the MDM policy of your organization.

2. You have no right to distribute this Common Criteria Test Application to any third party.

3. You must set up lock-screen password and device encryption in order to enable CC Mode.  Please beware that once the CC Mode is enabled, your device will be reset to factory defaults after you enter the wrong password 10 times to unlock the screen.

4. When you enable CC Mode, Certificate Policy, External Storage Encryption Policy, Device Encryption Policy, and CC Policy will be applied.

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