Knox Release Highlights for April 2022

Samsung Knox Team
Mai 6, 2022


  1. [KSP] Knox Service Plugin (22.03) released on 26th March 2022.
  2. [Knox Product Update] Next Knox Product update (v22.05) is planned to be released on 18th May 2022.*
  3. [Webinar] Knox product update webinar will held after planned May release; registration will be open also for customer and partners.

              *Subject to change without prior notice


Product Updates

Knox Product



Release Date

Knox Service Plugin


The major features of this release include:

  • For S22 devices with Android 12 it is possible to run DualDAR for Fully Managed and for WPCOD using KSP
  • Full release now available here

26th March 2022

Knox Suite/ Knox Manage



The major features of this release include:

  • Knox Remote Support within Knox Suite - IT Admins can provide valuable remote device support for any KCS enrolled devices.*

18th May 2022*

Unified License Management 


The major feature of this release will add ability to view and manage all license keys together on one page for multiple Knox Services (All USP services (with the exception of Knox Manage) will access the unified License Management page).*

18th May 2022*

*Subject to change without prior notice 


Notable Articles 


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Only a few years ago, securely managing supply chain data seemed like a distant dream, with limited access to multi-use devices and a lack of data protection for what was captured on those devices. With the burden of this access, plus administration, logistics and security to consider, it seemed farfatched to think that everything from field data authenticity could be managed efficiently...

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How do we ensure Galaxy devices are protected with up-to-date security patches? 

As more Samsung devices are deployed to our enterprise customers' mobile fleet, it is our mission to continuously intergrate the latest security technologies to all Galaxy devices, and make sure we respond to any emerging threats or cyberattacks as often and quickly as possible. Based on numerous discussions with our valued customers, e have implemented an industry-leading protection for our Android devices... 

How do we ensure Galaxy devices are protected with up-to-date security patches? | Samsung Knox

[Knox Configure]

How to set up Samsung Kids using Knox Configure | Samsung

This video walks you through the simple steps of using Knox Configure to set up your enterprise devices with Samsung Kids...

Knox: How to set up Samsung Kids using Knox Configure | Samsung - YouTube

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