MDM integration

  • Conveniently integrated with your existing MDM, VPN, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync solution.
  • Over 600 supported IT policies and over 1,800 MDM APIs are already available with Knox Workspace.
  • Future-proofed with feature updates on a regular basis
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Separate corporate and personal data

  • All corporate data are isolated and separately encrypted from the rest of the device.
  • Switch between the Knox container and personal apps with PIN, password, pattern or biometric authentication.
  • The IT department can remotely manage the container, push apps to the container and apply security policies.
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Government-grade security

  • Trusted Boot prevents unauthorized bootloaders and kernels from being loaded during the startup process.
  • Attempts to install unapproved firmware will fuse the Knox Warranty Bit and permanently lock the Knox container.
  • Samsung Knox has successfully met the rigorous security requirements set by governments and major enterprises around the world.
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Access Knox productivity apps

  • A full collection of enterprise-compatible secure apps are pre-loaded including Contacts, Calendar, Phone, Browser, Camera and Email.
  • You can download apps to the secure Knox container from any source including Samsung Apps or Google Play. You can also whitelist or blacklist apps.
  • IT admins can easily push apps, including those that are custom-built, to the Knox container without adding additional codes or certificates.
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Technical support

  • Knox Workspace gives you the highest level of support for any technical challenges you may encounter.
  • Access support via the Knox dashboard.


Supported devices and models

Knox Workspace supports select Samsung Android Devices. Contact your operator to verify that your devices are Knox-compatible.

Supported MDMs

Our MDM partners support many Knox features and comprehensive policy levels. View our supported MDM list.

Recommended Knox solutions

  • If you do not have an MDM, consider Knox Premium, which is a cross-platform, cloud-based device management solution.
  • If you would like to bulk enroll devices into your MDM, sign up for the free Knox Mobile Enrollment service.

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