Cloud-based management console

  • A cloud-based MDM that complements and improves your existing infrastructure.
  • Implement company guidelines by taking advantage of a rich set of IT policies.
  • Deploy, manage and control access to apps via whitelist and blacklist capabilities.

High-grade security

  • Multi-layered device protection that is designed to keep your business applications and data more safe.
  • Includes real-time kernel protection, on-device encryption, SE for Android, and two factor biometric authentication.

Isolate and encrypt corporate data

  • Create a more secure environment on your Samsung enterprise devices, separating work apps and data.
  • Data in this container are completely isolated and encrypted, and the container locks if the device is ever compromised.

Support for flexible add-ons

  • Integrated identity management with Active Directory
  • Easy plug-in upgrade to Knox Workspace for more advanced container features.
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Supported devices and models

Knox Premium supports select Samsung Android devices. Contact your device reseller to verify that your devices are Knox-compatible.

Recommended Knox solutions

  • Knox Premium offers a rich set of Knox features and management capabilities. If you would like to access the full range of Knox features, we suggest purchasing Knox Workspace as an add-on.
  • If you would like to bulk enroll devices into Knox Premium, sign up for the free Knox Mobile Enrollment service.

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